As the world plunges more into the Global pandemic of the COVID 19, popularly known as Coronavirus, several organizations and governments have advised citizens to remain indoors and practice Social Distancing. Some countries have gone to the lengths of practicing complete lockdown in order to curb the contamination.

It is indeed doubtless that a disease that originated from Wuhan, China is now a serious threat to humanity. But with proper responsible actions and obeying the instructions given by health experts, we can easily overcome this plague.

Here are some easy tips you can follow that can prevent the diseases, not just Corona, but other ailments as well:

Wash Hands Regularly.
Washing hands 5 times a day with soap can reduce your chances of contracting any respiratory diseases by 50%. Make sure you wash the hands properly, and not leave any spot untouched.

Make sure you wash your hands after touching anything dirty, coughing, sneezing or after coming from outside.

Do not Travel.
Avoid traveling. Travel exposes you to different weathers and wears you out. Which lowers your immunity. And there may be a lot of chances you come in contact with a person who’s already infected. Only travel when it’s absolutely necessary and make sure you wear mask and gloves.

Practice Social Distancing.
It is tough to sit alone at the home all day with no one to talk to or just communicate. But this behavior is very important to check the spread of the disease. If not practiced, the numbers can grow exponentially. Be reasonable, stay at home if you’re sick or not.

Simple Manners Go a Long Way.
Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue while coughing or sneezing. Throw away the tissue into a covered bin after that. The primary class education can be a real deal while facing pandemic.

Be Responsible.
Take care of elders. Do not roam out. Help people with things they need. This is the time to stand strong and stand together. Make sure to follow the guidelines. The more responsible you are, the less likely you’ll suffer.